3 Element participants have fun every time they join in on a class. We encourage and cheer for each other and celebrate both success and effort.


Our participants improve their strength and discipline, both physically and mentally. We have the self-confidence to set goals and to track our progress vs. those goals.


We show our participants respect by operating our classes in a physically safe manner. We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, and guard both their bodies and their spirits as they stretch to reach challenging goals.

Class Descriptions

We offer classes for 3E Little ages 5 & under, 3E Apprentice classes for ages 6 & up, and 3E Master classes ages 10 & up.

Then a list of all the classes in another section on the page:

3E Little: (Ages 5 and under)

Our littlest participants work on listening and following instructions while they burn off a ton of energy! We create appropriately sized obstacles for them to try new skills while they meet new friends.

3E Apprentice: (Ages 6-8)

Our Apprentices learn how to move! Our program allows each participants to learn coordination and confidence while improving their strength, balance, and fitness. Whether your child continues to our 3E Master program or decides to pursue a different athletic interest, the body awareness and strength they learn in this program will help unlock their potential.

3E Skilled: (Ages 8+)

Now we are serious! The obstacles are challenging, but the reward of completing an obstacle for the first time, or a course in record time, keeps our participants coming back. Each participant’s personal growth continues, in a fun respectful environment.

3E Master: (Ages 10+)

1.5 hour doss Our 3E Masters know some tricks, and our classes push them to try new things. We push our 3E Masters to have goals and celebrate their growth as they work towards their objectives. It is all about having fun, getting stronger and faster, and gaining confidence!


Our program combines obstacle course training, strength / balance training, and some elements of gymnastics into a fun, rewarding, challenging program! We offer classes for kids aged 3-18, as well as birthday parties, leagues, and open gym time.

Our goal for each class is for each participant to leave feeling simultaneously tired and energized from the time they spend with us!